Best Hiking Towns in New Hampshire: Top 6 Choices

Best Hiking Towns in New Hampshire: Top 6 Choices

If you happen to be someone who loves hiking or likes to go on an adventure, then you have heard of New Hampshire! Did you know that this state is also known as an outdoor lovers' paradise?

This is because every nook and corner of this state, from the North Country to the Seacoast, is overflowing with infinite opportunities for hikers or any outdoor enthusiast. Now you know why this state's residents always seem happy and cherish every moment.

But what if you are from a different city? Do not worry; you can plan for weekend trips, vacations and all, and experience how it feels to live in New Hampshire! And some of the visitors are so influenced by the beauty of New Hampshire that they take permanent residence in the state, which might also work for you. 

Now that you have made up your mind, in this article we will tell you about some of the best towns for hikers in Granite State! Make sure you give it a read till the end.

Very Best Hiking Towns in New Hampshire

Here are the very best town for hikers in New Hampshire –

#1 North Conway

North Conway

Known for the White Mountains, North Conway is located right in the heart of Mt. Washington Valley, very close to White Mountain National Forest! This is one place where you will see one of New England’s prettiest mountains, with stunning views.

The forest department has an area of more than 700,000 acres fully protected, and trust me. This acts as an incredible setting for the scenic town of mountains. Numerous people visit this place just to see one of America’s finest peaks, Mount Washington. With a height of 6,288 ft., this is a hotspot for hikers, skiers, and other adventurers. When you reach the summit, you get to experience a 360-degree view. North Conway also showcases another fine peak that is none other than Mt. Cranmore, which attracts thousands of people annually. And Mt. Cranmore is believed to be the best place for skiing in the winters and hiking every season.

This town of North Conway offers the very best backdrop for not just hiking but other cultural activities as well. And with America’s prettiest peak situated within the town limits makes it one of the best tourist spots. It feels like a picture-perfect town that incorporates everything people love about New Hampshire. 

And on the main street, you will see shops that offer you anything from candles, clothing, and sporting goods to cigars, literally anything! The streets of this town are filled with old-time charms and historic buildings, and you can even find the refurbished 1874 Maine and Boston Railroad Station.

#2 Jaffrey


Located right at the heart of the colossal Mt. Monadnock, the center of town acts as an active hotspot for people who are always up for a great adventure.

Over the years, Jaffrey has been one of the finest towns suitable for hiking in New Hampshire, and no wonder it will continue to be the finest town for the years to come.

America’s one of the most famous mountains, Mt. Monadnock, located on the outskirts of the town, attracts thousands of hikers every year. To get the best view, you have to take a moderate hike of 3,165 ft.; trust me, it is worth it when you reach the summit.

When you reach the top, you can see acres and acres of highlands, fully protected, and the view is stunning! In the late ’80s, this mountain was termed a National Natural Landmark.

Jaffrey offers many hiking choices, but that’s not the only thing that makes Jaffrey so special. It is one such picturesque town full of beauty and historical charms. It offers a lot of famous inns, popular stores, breakfasts, dining, garden stands, and so on! If you want to take a break from all your hustle and bustle, this is the best place!

#3 Lincoln


waterfall in beautiful nature with crystal clear water on wild river una in bosnia and herzegovina at sunny summer day

Following the theme of the famous hiking towns in New Hampshire, next up is Lincoln.

Lincoln is the epicenter of all hiking towns in New Hampshire. This one such town is full of wilderness and adventure; what is even more awesome is that this town sits over America’s two finest hiking destinations, the Franconia Notch State Park and White Mountain National Forest.

Before the Franconia Notch fell on 3rd May 2003, it was home to the Old Man of the Mountain. 

And at Franconia Notch, you can stop at Echo Lake for a swim or embark on the Appalachian Trail for a thrilling hiking experience. The Franconia Notch is where you can find the very popular Flume Gorge, a scenic ravine.

Not just these, Lincoln provides an excellent backdrop and a plethora of recreational activities to all its visitors and residents. Other than that, Lincoln. Yes, Lincoln has a pretty active and lively downtown that offers great things to do. On the main street, you can see numerous shops, historical buildings, restaurants, etc.

#4 Hanover


Talking of Hanover, it is located on the banks of the River Connecticut, just next to the Vermont border. Long story cut short, the town of Hanover in New Hampshire is the ultimate outdoor playground with gorgeous real estate near the Appalachian Trail.

Having proximity to Vermont, Hanover not only gets the accessibility to the White Mountains in New Hampshire but also the Green Mountains in Vermont.

And if you happen to be a hiking or outdoor enthusiast, well, it is time to get your boots on and head to Hanover. Here, you can hop on America’s ultimate hiking trail known as the Appalachian Trail’ yes, this trail offers you a hiking 2,184 miles, exciting, isn’t it?

Yes, Hanover is known for its copiousness of outdoor activity, but like all major cities, this is not the only thing that makes Hanover so popular!

America’s one of the most prestigious colleges, called Dartmouth College, is situated in Hanover. The town is flooded with specialty shops, antique stores, and restaurants. It also has a downtown area, where you can see millions of local shops and restaurants and enjoy the nightlife of Hanover.

So, if you are looking for a nice vacation place, no wonder this is the best place! And if you happen to be an individual who wants a great adventure with a perfect balance of local amenities, Hanover is the destination!

Looking for something different than just hiking, go give these places a visit!

#5 Sugar Hills

Sugar Hills

Incorporated in the early 60s, this place is just as sweet as its name! Sugar Hill got its name from the sugar maples that surround the hills. One of the best things about this place is that it is not that populated. The population count is estimated to be around 500. This is one of the best quaint towns in the USA that offers an incredible romantic gateway.

If you have a soft corner for skiing, then you can find plenty of ski centers here in Sugar Hill. But, the place you must visit is its museum. Besides that, as you move about the city, you can see historical plaques and markers, pictures that highlight the history of this place for centuries. The Sugar Hills boasts its historical museum, often a must-visit for many. It offers such a great way of learning history.

Other than that, you will also get to see its famous meeting house, a popular pancake parlor, country specialty shops, and inn. Do not forget to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sunset Hill Ridge of the Green Mountains and the White Mountains.

#6 Rye


If you are interested in surfing or whale watching, you should plan a trip to this town! Rye is a seaside town located along the coastline of New Hampshire.

As it is situated along the coastline, it gives you plenty of opportunities to indulge in aquatic activities and soak up as much as possible. It does not matter if you like to do some serious water sports such as surfing, or some stand-up boarding, or you are a family just wanting to relax, the beach is just perfect.

Also, you can visit the Odiorne Point State Park, which boasts of its trails and some beautiful secret beaches that have not been discovered yet. But, if you are up for some action and wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery and harbor views, head to the Rye Harbor State Park, and make a deal with the fisherman there.

Here, you can do much more than one can expect! Other attractions include the Summer Session Surf Shop, the Seacoast Science Center, the Shack Surf Shop, and Granite State Whale Watch!

People Also Ask


What is the most beautiful town in New Hampshire?

When it comes down to the most beautiful city in New Hampshire, let me tell you that there is not just one in this state. There are many beautiful cities. Some of them are –

  • Exeter

  • Hanover

  • Jackson

  • Keene

  • Meredith

  • Peterborough

At the very top of the list of the cities, people consider the town of Exeter to be the most beautiful city in New Hampshire.

What is the best town to live in in New Hampshire?

Just like no one beautiful city in New Hampshire, there is no one best city but numerous cities. Some of the very best cities to live in New Hampshire are –

  • Portsmouth

  • Londonderry

  • Amherst

  • Hanover

  • Wolfeboro

  • Dover

Is Vermont or New Hampshire prettier?

Well, there is no such comparison between these two states. The states are extraordinary, offer spectacular views, and are among America’s prettiest towns, but the difference lies in feeling.

New Hampshire’s finest White Mountains are alpine and pretty rugged, which is no less than a paradise for a hiker. And this state is also blessed with lakes and oceans delivering beautiful ocean views.

Vermont’s Green Mountains are also pretty beautiful but aren’t as spectacular as the White Mountains.

So now that you have read this write-up here, I hope you are ready for your upcoming outdoor adventures and the excitement of witnessing some fantastic views!

Here are some more tourist attractions you may want to visit:

  • Lake Winnipesaukee

  • Acadia National Park

  • Wildcat Mountain

  • Cannon Mountain

  • Loon Mountain

  • Prescot Park

  • Miller State Park

  • Lake Champlain

  • Pawtuckaway State Park

So, which town are you going to visit? All of the mentioned towns in New Hampshire are full of adventure, endless hiking, and thrilling and exploring experiences. Now you know why New Hampshire is believed to be the paradise for every outdoor enthusiast!


With the warmth in the weather, it is the perfect weather for hiking and adventure, so here are the towns of New Hampshire that adventurer enthusiasts call home!

Gather your friends, and plan a trip. It is time to turn the adventure mode on!

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