Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

Special thanks to James Atkin from Goal Zero who donated a Yeti 1250 and Solar panels to the Apa Sherpa Foundation.

The trick was getting it there. Traveling from Salt Lake City, Utah to Thame Nepal. The journey started here in Salt Lake and with the help of Quinn Marsh from Access Technology Solution and Logistics.

We mapped out the road for our Yeti, From Salt Lake City to Kathmandu, Nepal from here we had Asian Trekking provide us with porters and a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. From here it is a two day journey and has to be hand carried to Thame elevation 12,500 ft.

Thame School

The Thame school was built by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1963. Determined to get an education, Apa Sherpa walked hours to and from the school everyday. His dream was to become a doctor, but his father died when he was twelve, and he had no choice but to drop out of school and work as a porter for mountain climbing expeditions.

For many years, the Thame school has been a wonderful resource to the village but it is no longer adequate. It is unheated, doesn’t have a fully functioning toilet and it houses only five grades. The nearest school is Khumjung but students have to make six hour roundtrip trek daily and sometimes the weather conditions are treacherous.

We are currently in the planning stages for a new building on the site that will provide expanded classrooms, a passively heated green house to serve as a learning facility and a heat generator for winter months.

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