About Apa Sherpa Foundation

“Without an education we have no choice.” – Apa Sherpa

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Our Mission

The mission of The Apa Sherpa Foundation (ASF) is to empower individuals throughout the world to follow the example of Apa Sherpa in overcoming adversity.

Apa Sherpa, Tiger of the Himalaya, was born in poverty and rose to become the greatest climber in the history of Mount Everest. Apa struggled greatly to obtain a modest education in his youth, worked diligently to provide for his family amidst difficult economic circumstances and today endeavors to provide the opportunities he never had to the next generation.

The Apa Sherpa Foundation seeks to build on Apa’s legacy by strengthening individuals where they live, beginning in Thame, Nepal, Apa’s home village and outward from there.  The foundation accomplishes this through three primary means:

  1. Education of individuals
  2. Promotion of economic opportunities for qualified individuals through community-generated projects
  3. Perpetuation of knowledge through experienced individuals

Educated and experienced individuals lead to strong families, communities and nations.  The Apa Sherpa Foundation embraces all methods, projects and groups working toward this goal.

You can make a difference!